Brandon & Rachel Ivy

Brandon & Rachel Ivy


About 82% of Filipinos claim to be Catholic. They may know about God’s Son, Jesus, and that he died on the cross, but they don’t know why He died on the cross. Millions believe that salvation is attained by what they can do in this life, not by what Christ did with His life. They are deciding their eternal destination based on only a partial truth, which is worse than having no truth at all. Still millions of others rely on idol worship and traditional practices to achieve a sense of peace for this life and the life after! Will you partner with us to bring the whole truth of the gospel and life-changing peace to the people of Manila? They are seeking, we are willing to go, you can help us get there.


God has given us a desire and passion to search and rescue Manila. There are over 20 million people in Metro Manila and the opportunities for evangelism are endless. We will be teaming up with veteran missionaries and training nationals to:


Over the last several years, under the leadership of veteran missionaries, relationships have been established with key leaders of local schools containing thousands of students. God has opened the door wide open for us to share the love of Christ weekly with students and staff both in and out of the classrooms. Due to their rapid response to Christ, God opened the door quickly for a need for church planting in the area of the schools. The missionaries already on the ground receive calls all the time requesting for them to come to new schools. However they are in great need of personnel and resources. The opportunities are endless to search out those who do not know Jesus, however the laborers are few! Will you partner with us as we are used as a tool of God to Rescue the lost?


We are excited about the opportunity to partner with the veteran missionaries and training nationals to start churches in the Metro Manila area. We desire to raise up new Christians, national pastors, missionaries, and then disciple them to do the same around their country and the world.

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